Álvaro Wolmer Bengalas Walking Sticks
Bengalas Walking Sticks is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Bengalas Walking Sticks

The walking sticks are made to perfection of best quality red or white oak. Handles can have a C shape or a T shape. Walking sticks for men have a diameter of 25 mm; walking sticks for women are a little slimmer: 22 mm of diameter. The oak is FSC certified. All the handles of the walking sticks are reinforced with jacaranda paulista (Machaerium villosum), a Brazilian native wood. The walking sticks are finished, basically, with tung oil. The replaceable tips are made of aluminum and laminated rubber.

Bengalas Walking Sticks
Álvaro Wolmer Bengalas
Álvaro Wolmer Walking Sticks
Álvaro Wolmer design
Álvaro Wolmer design
Álvaro Wolmer

Alvaro Wolmer is a conceptual artist and designer. He runs a woodworking shop since 1985 where he makes his own creations and the works of other contemporary artists, architects and designers from Brazil and abroad - Iran do Espirito Santo, Nelson Leirner, Regina Silveira, Guto Lacaz, Raphaël Zarka, Liliana Porter, Marcio Kogan and Isay Weinfeld, among others.

Álvaro Wolmer Movelaria Fina Ltda.

The Alvaro Wolmer Movelaria Fina Ltda, a company created in 1985, produces fine furniture and small batches of multiple uses objects designed by Alvaro Wolmer. The company also produces other people designs and custom furniture designed by architects for their clients.