Xinhuan He Eilo Teriyaki Furn
Eilo Teriyaki Furn is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Kitchen Furniture, Equipment and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Eilo Teriyaki Furn

The design changes the grill from a fixed frame to a height adjustable. In the design, designer prioritize the functionality of the product. Compared with other products on the market, this product has added rotating shafts on the support rods on both sides of the baking lamp, and the height of the baking lamp can be adjusted freely. Also saves more space when not in use. In addition, the product is able to bring a sense of tranquility and relaxation through the extremely minimalist shape and color design.

Eilo Teriyaki Furn
Xinhuan He Eilo
Xinhuan He Teriyaki Furn
Xinhuan He design
Xinhuan He design
Xinhuan He

He Xinhuan's understanding of design is that a designer is a role that bridges the gap between users and producers. A good design should take into account the user's needs and production costs. She hopes that through more and more rigorous thinking and continuous improvement of professional ability, she can turn novel ideas into products in people's hands, and design designs that can move people's hearts; or start from subtleties, let products immerse in life and integrate into the environment .

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