Harry-Hongwei Yang The Porthole Wall Light
The Porthole Wall Light is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
The Porthole Wall Light

The Porthole wall light combines emotion and function perfectly. Users control the lightness by sliding the glareshield. It comes in a familiar form and controlling way that people can recognize so they do not need to learn how to turn the light on and off. The porthole shape touches mind especially when the product appears in the house people live. The scene is changeable and can be customized. The scenario creates a unique touchable feeling and experience to people.

The Porthole Wall Light
Harry-Hongwei Yang The Porthole
Harry-Hongwei Yang Wall Light
Harry-Hongwei Yang design
Harry-Hongwei Yang design
Harry-Hongwei Yang

Harry-HongWei Yang is a designer who sees through things in a unique perspective. He always thinks different about relationships between product and users.The forms are often defined following functions and emotions.He is awarded by several awards for his innovative design.And because of the brand new product the brand survives among the market as a newly start-up.

PER Design

PER Design is a business innovation design group, with users as the origin, providing enterprises with one-stop full-case innovation consulting and implementation services from user value recognition and situational experience innovation to business value dissemination. PER Design has 300 designers in global. In the 14-year continuous innovation process of PER Design, it has helped thousands of enterprises to transform and upgrade, and used design and marketing integration capabilities to help the transformation and implementation of new technologies, and successfully shaped the commercial value of the brand.