Kunihiko Sato Voice Mask Device That Mutes Your Voice
Voice Mask Device That Mutes Your Voice is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Social Design Award Category.
Voice Mask Device That Mutes Your Voice

Voice Mask is a concept wearable device that mutes whatever users say aloud while wearing it. It utilizes noise-cancelling technology to mask their voice by emitting the opposite sound wave. Voice Mask is used to participate in online meetings while in a public space. It can prevent confidential information from leaking and avoid bothering others. When in use, Voice Mask is worn around the neck and positioned to cover the user's mouth. It can be folded and carried around.

Voice Mask Device That Mutes Your Voice
Kunihiko Sato Voice Mask
Kunihiko Sato Device That Mutes Your Voice
Kunihiko Sato design
Kunihiko Sato design
Kunihiko Sato

Obtained a master’s degree in Construction Engineering from the Graduate School of Engineering at Shibaura Institute of Technology. Worked at the design firm NOSIGNER as a space designer and product designer after graduation. Engaged in the design of Mozilla Japan’s office spaces and the ACG Asahi Glass installation at Milan Design Week as well as a variety of other projects ranging from urban planning to traditional industries, regional activities, product development and corporate branding.

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