Bia Rezende Graphic Sofa
Graphic Sofa is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Graphic Sofa

The Graphic sofa provides a more structured seating, referring to the sofas of the past where people sat more upright to talk. The shape of the piece derives from two circular shapes, one being an extension of the first. The sofa is comfortable and perfect for public spaces such as receptions, once they promote a formal way of seating.

Graphic Sofa
Bia Rezende Graphic
Bia Rezende Sofa
Bia Rezende design
Bia Rezende design
Bia Rezende

Bia Rezende has been a restless and dissatisfied person since she was 7 years old, drawing the world around her. Very observant, when she was little, she believed that she would be a scientist because she loved to experiment with nature around her at her grandparents' farm. When she was a child, she loved inventing and living in an playful imaginary world. Her dissatisfaction drives her and destroys her, if not channeled into creating. With chaotic and non-linear thinking, she believes that she could only contribute to society with her creations, driven by an eternal dissatisfaction.

Bia Rezende

Her history with art begins at the age of 7 where she made her first canvases, sculptures and beginnings of drawing. She later graduated in social communication where she continued to carry out her creative work. In 2015 she unites her two passions: art and design, graduating in furniture design at IED with immersion in Milan; and a postgraduate degree in history, theory and art criticism from the Belas Artes. In 2018 she presented her first pieces with numerous references to the universe of art, communication and design.