Sergio Fahrer Dc 3 Stool
Dc 3 Stool is Platinum Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Dc 3 Stool

Inspired by the DC 3 aircraft, the stool's concept refers to the aerodynamic lines of the monoplane. Using boards of plywood through a precision cutting process that reveals the different lines of each layer, the DC 3 stool has a structural support that becomes a pleasant visual detail. The stool with a sculptural design finds in the apparent edges a way to highlight its lines. There are many ways to interact with the piece. Some might have it as a sculpture ou decoration piece, some might use it as a side table or foot rest or even for its orginal purpose: as a stool.

Dc 3 Stool
Sergio Fahrer Dc 3
Sergio Fahrer Stool
Sergio Fahrer design
Sergio Fahrer design
Sergio Fahrer

Sergio Fahrer's contribuition to Brazilian and international design is availiable on books such as “Retro & Vintage Design”, “Design Brasil – 101 Anos de História” (Brazil's Design - 101 Years of History), “20 Designers Brasileiros: Os Mais Influentes da Atualidade” (20 Brazilian Designers: Today's Most Influent Designers), “IF Award” and “Decor Year Book”. For its worldwide renowned design and ergonomics, Fahrer has won many awards, including the iF Design Award, in 2018. In 2016, the Tamanduá stool received the Ouro do Objeto Brasil Award. In 2008, 2007 and 2006, the Toá chair, the Aero stool and the Cariaí armchair were awarded “Top One” by the London magazine “IdFX”. Fahrer has also presented his work in important international exhibitions, such as ICFF, in New York; Milan International Fair; IF Award in Germany; Design Connection, in Buenos Aires; Design Possibile, in Milan; IdFX in London; among others, in addition to having its pieces in the permanent collections of the Galleria Paola Colombari, in Milan, and the Le Corbusier museum, in Paris.

Fahrer Design

Fahrer is a furniture design studio that creates residential and corporate projects for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its creative expression is made of the sum of contesting and complementary ideas, and by the precise and fluid drawing of Sergio and Jack Fahrer and the architect Heloisa Samaia. The results of this rich combination are really authentic pieces that dialogue with their context, telling stories that range between the conceptual, inspirational and interpretive narratives of their production. Developer of its own pieces, Fahrer values ​​the well hand made work, the human relations and the Brazilian production. Respecting the time of raw materials, prioritizing sustainable materials and constantly reinventing oneself by experimenting new techniques and possibilities are the main pillars of the brand. The expertise acquired by being in the Brazilian design market for 20 years, combined with a passion for innovation, research, art and culture are reflected in pieces that become the perfect balance between form and function. Ergonomics as a premise, Fahrer furniture promotes surprising sensory experiences for life.