Olga Shchukina Elements Universal Interior System
Elements Universal Interior System is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Elements Universal Interior System

The Elements system is suitable for all spaces and styles thanks to its simple shapes and familiar materials. Besides providing free access to clothes and shoes the open structure showcases your belongings to create a space that looks like your personal boutique. A system without doors allows for an immediate view and quick retrieval as well as space where light can flow freely. The Elements impresses with its modern language of form and function with a human-oriented design in mind. The production is based on the principles of sustainability and well-thought-out concept for installation.

Elements Universal Interior System
Olga Shchukina Elements
Olga Shchukina Universal Interior System
Olga Shchukina design
Olga Shchukina design
Olga Shchukina

A truly proactive Interior Architect, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, skilfully combining the work of an architect and interior designer on several projects in parallel. Highly skilled in drawing, visualization and modeling, as well as a great sense of humor and keen interest in learning and developing skills. Demonstrates a passionate love for design, art and beauty in all aspects of own personality with a good eye for detail. Interested in both futuristic design and architectural heritage conservation, Ambassador and shareholder of Ch√Ęteau de la Motte Chandeniers (France).


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