Assel Baimakhan Eternal Dragon Carpet as Art
Eternal Dragon Carpet as Art is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Eternal Dragon Carpet as Art

Handmade carpet Eternal Dragon is made of viscose and wool. The author of the project, tells the story through carpets. She believes that this kind of product can be not only a decoration, but also a separate art object in space. It is important that the carpet is handmade. Because such things have soul, character, and personality. The author of the design showed the cultural connection of mankind through the dragon, present in the legends of all countries.

Eternal Dragon Carpet as Art
Assel Baimakhan Eternal Dragon
Assel Baimakhan Carpet as Art
Assel Baimakhan design
Assel Baimakhan design
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Assel Baimakhan company founder Casa Azzurra, architect and interior designer, with fifteen years of experience in commercial and residential projects. Implemented projects in Kazakhstan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and America. A graduate of the Kazakhstan Academy of Architecture and a student at “Parsons”. Winner of the SNC and People Awards in the Designer of the Year Award.