Zona Yuechen Guan Discussing Time Book
Discussing Time Book is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Discussing Time Book

Discussing Time is a collective book design project for the typographic sculptures with the letter time. The designer gathered a group of people to think and discuss time and make sculptures based on their expressions. The idea of the designer Zona's sculptures originates from the natural phenomenon of ice melting into the water. She wants to make the audiences experience the passage of time while seeing the sculpture. The book design combines 16th century book design elements with modern techniques to span the idea of time.

Discussing Time Book
Zona Yuechen Guan Discussing Time
Zona Yuechen Guan Book
Zona Yuechen Guan design
Zona Yuechen Guan design
Zona Yuechen Guan

Yuechen Guan, also known as Zona. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts(SVA) with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Design, and studying for a Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at SVA. She would prefer to see herself as an interdisciplinary designer who makes crafts, fashion, jewelry, and graphic designs; and a photographer who can do conceptual, editorial, fine art, landscape photography, and portraiture. She developed her love for making art through years of exposure to art. She never limits herself, and she is open to cooperating with different fields' techniques and materials to make a good idea great.

Zona Yuechen Guan

Zona Yuechen Guan is the personal brand with an interdisciplinary skillset across, the designer has the ability to tackle design projects ranging from logo design to graphic design to full branding and rebrands and photography. She makes every experience people have with your business meaningful.