Eun Whan Cho Amplification of Sensation Chair
Amplification of Sensation Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Amplification of Sensation Chair

His design is a chair made of discarded plastic pieces and at the same time serves as a public sculpture. He named the chair "amplification of the senses" and installed it on the Han River, the most beloved place in Seoul. The Han River is one of the few places where citizens can feel nature in the polluted city of Seoul. Through this design, users can relax in the Han River and focus on the scenery and sounds, and through this, they can recall the importance of nature. The designer wanted the design to be functional and include social messages at the same time.

Amplification of Sensation Chair
Eun Whan Cho Amplification of Sensation
Eun Whan Cho Chair
Eun Whan Cho design
Eun Whan Cho design
Eun Whan Cho

Designer 'Eun Whan Cho' is representative of 'MOOTAA' and at the same time is representative of 'MAEZM'. He has been working on ART WORK and design, and has been showing various experimental designs. His field of activity is wide ranging from architecture to furniture design, and he has also been active as an artist such as a sculpture. He studied spatial design at Kookmin University in Korea and received his master's degree at Domous Academy in Italy. After returning to Korea, he has been invited and exhibited many times in famous museums in Korea and has been invited and exhibited in over 17 countries. In 2009, the Korean government selected him as Korea's representative young designer. Until now, international magazines and media have introduced his designs several times, and his designs have been awarded in many countries, including Germany and Japan. Now he is working on various design projects in Korea and at the same time he is teaching students in college.

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul is the capital of Korea with a population of 10 million. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has made great efforts to improve public design since it was selected as the world's design capital 10 years ago. For this reason, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has attempted many changes in the design of public places. Through this opportunity, design companies and designers were able to make various achievements to experience Seoul as a differentiated design city. In addition, the citizens' response to this is very positive, so the Seoul Metropolitan Government is expected to continue this attempt in the future.