Yasemin Ulukan Sofa Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Sofa Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Sofa Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Sofa is a cordless vacuum cleaner standing out with its stylish sturdy look combined with a 115Watt digital motor, 10.8 V Lithium ion battery, 25 min continuous runtime, 200 ml dust pick up capacity, and Hepa plus metal filter combination. While the chamber can be cleaned with a single touch, thanks to the combination of HEPA and metal filter inside, no dust particles can escape. Thanks to the adjustable built-in brush on the sweeping tip, it is possible to vacuum places such as sofas and tabletop.

Sofa Cordless  Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Yasemin Ulukan Sofa
Yasemin Ulukan Cordless  Mini Vacuum Cleaner
Yasemin Ulukan design
Yasemin Ulukan design
Yasemin Ulukan

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