Kimio Fukutani Miracle of Birth Choker
Miracle of Birth Choker is Platinum Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Miracle of Birth Choker

In the natural world, the spiral shape is a special existence that feels the mystery of life. Many spiral shapes can be found in galaxies, typhoons, whirlpools, plants, shells, works of art, etc. In addition, human DNA is also composed of a double helix shape, and 99.9 percent of its structure is common. It is said that he was born in this world with a completely different personality and appearance with only the remaining 0.1 percent difference. In connection with the modeling beauty of the birth of such life, the tone of emotions was expressed in Choker.

Miracle of Birth Choker
Kimio Fukutani Miracle of Birth
Kimio Fukutani Choker
Kimio Fukutani design
Kimio Fukutani design
Kimio Fukutani

He derives the answer from his experience A person who thinks about things with the feelings of others. We do not enter from denial, but flexibly take in people's opinions, A person who is very particular about everything and runs with all his might once he decides.


The birth of "the miracle of you" is transformed into the shape of DNA, "HELICAL", which is a symbol of your personality. Individuality meets and connects with individuality, and a new tone is born. The beauty of such "tones played by life" Put it in ‘CHORD’ which means sound. A new jewelry experience proposed by jewelry designer Kang.