Arkadia Works Digital Hub Office
Digital Hub Office is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Digital Hub Office

Digital Hub is a design concept applied to Verita Informatika, proven IT solution company for finance, telecommunications, and government in intelligence and cyber security fields. It is inspired by the needs of flexible and collaborative working space. Designer creates pockets of teamwork, experimentation, and creativity. As the Covid 19 pandemic accelerated a digital transformation and shaped the future of work, Verita became one of the example companies in applying the flexible work culture.

Digital Hub Office
Arkadia Works Digital Hub
Arkadia Works Office
Arkadia Works design
Arkadia Works design
Arkadia Works

I ‘am part of a design consultant where our team consists of young, creative, dynamic and highly motivated peoples who are passionate of turning into a creative design and materialized it into real end results. We always make sure that our designs and services gave a positive impacts for our clients, ourselves, and also for the society. In this particular project, we applied an eclectic theme where modern office and traditional Javanese culture merge. This way we can introduce our culture to more broad international audience. We listened to what our clients needs and we combined that with combined it with our best ideas to deliver maximum quality. We also always give touches of our traditional culture.

Verita Informatika

Verita Informatika is a proven IT solution company for finance, telecommunications, and government, providing innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions to identify threats and meet mission-critical operational needs. Verita also provides digital solutions to fulfill the need of digital transformation and rapid time-to-market in the Banking Industry and Telecommunications. Verita delivers a broad range of innovative solutions such as digital enterprise platforms, mobile banking, digital payment, SOA, and many more. Verita’s customers include enterprise organizations, the banking and financial service industry, telecommunication, and government agencies.