Liubov Maximenkova SBOF Mortgage Electronic Registration
SBOF Mortgage Electronic Registration is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
SBOF Mortgage Electronic Registration

Service for electronic registration of mortgages and removal of encumbrances of real estate. A system for electronic submission of applications for state registration of mortgages and removal of encumbrances has been developed for bank employees and customers. It allows to create applications, track their status and follow them through in a completely remote manner. The interface is designed as a step-by-step system that suggests the necessary actions for the user. Number of users working in the system: 263 in January 2021, 1 085 in January 2022.

SBOF Mortgage Electronic Registration
Liubov Maximenkova SBOF Mortgage
Liubov Maximenkova Electronic Registration
Liubov Maximenkova design
Liubov Maximenkova design