Junyi Yi Anydrop Information Interaction
Anydrop Information Interaction is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
Anydrop Information Interaction

Using geofencing, Anydrop changes the way people share information by encapsulating information within a fixed geographical space and other devices have access to the information only when they enter the area. In this way, Anydrop furthest integrates information with its scene, like files in the conference room or the timetable in the railway station. Meanwhile, users are able to interact with actual items through Anydrop, enriching user experience.

Anydrop Information Interaction
Junyi Yi Anydrop
Junyi Yi Information Interaction
Junyi Yi design
Junyi Yi design
Junyi Yi

I am now a junior of Beihang University majoring in Industrial Design. Me and my partners of the 5:12 designing group have already won some awards at home like the Industrial Design Competition of Beijing. But attending the A’design Award and Competition is the first time for us to compete in an international match. We strongly hope that our design will finally make a difference to the society and bring a better life to the people. With our enormous passion in design and endless creativity, we are bond to fulfill the dream.

5:12 Studio

5:12 Studio is a promising designers’ group started by four upcoming designers. The four initiators each are juniors and major in their own fields, like visual communication, product design and more. Driven by our creativity and passion, we apply what we’ve learnt to what we see and think, hoping to come up with something that truly makes a difference to the society.