Dario Narvaez Penny Piggy Bank
Penny Piggy Bank is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Giftware Design Award Category.
Penny Piggy Bank

Coin container that takes inspiration from the symbolic image of a broken piggy bank, commonly used as the representation of a financial crisis. It promotes an enjoyable way to access the loose change: It can be smashed into pieces by throwing onto the floor or hitting it with a hammer, or it can be assembled and disassembled piece-by-piece. There are 95.040 ways of putting it together while retaining its aesthetic essence and functionality. Penny also pretends to be a symbol of resilience, a representation of how life, although broken, can be rebuilt even after the effects of a hard fall.

Penny Piggy Bank
Dario Narvaez Penny
Dario Narvaez Piggy Bank
Dario Narvaez design
Dario Narvaez design
Dario Narvaez

Dario Narvaez is an Industrial Designer with 10+ years of design experience specializing in transportation and lifestyle consumer product design, as well as a strong passion in advanced concept design and concept art. Dario has collaborated with large Fortune 500 companies such as John Deere and Panasonic as well as well-established global brands such as Peloton, Colgate, OXO, TAFE, All-Clad, Esenses, MUMA, and more.

Dario Narvaez Design

Dario Narvaez Design works at the intersection between Design, Technology, and User Experience. Dario Narvaez Design has collaborated in successful Industrial Design Projects for over 10 years with clients such as: Peloton, Curve ID, Smart Design, Colgate, John Deere, Panasonic, OXO, among many more. Dario Narvaez Design believes that objects are revealed by layers, and don’t need to scream for attention to be heard or understood. Objects can hide messages that are only revealed by the act of curiosity and time. Therefore, the connection with them becomes an experience that breaks the boundaries of the contemplative, and promotes interaction, ritual, gestures, play and memories.