Arkadia Works The Sea Waves Office
The Sea Waves Office is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Sea Waves Office

A sleek modern contemporary office is designed for Pertamina International Shipping, with the concept of The Sea Waves. As a shipping company that bridges marine logistics to encourage Indonesia economic growth, Pertamina International Shipping office is designed with a corporate identity by the vibrant elements, wooden elements, and interior maritime concepts such as wavy ceiling, ocean depth graphics, and lighting ornaments.

The Sea Waves Office
Arkadia Works The Sea Waves
Arkadia Works Office
Arkadia Works design
Arkadia Works design
Arkadia Works

I ‘am part of a design consultant where our team consists of young, creative, dynamic and highly motivated peoples who are passionate of turning into a creative design and materialized it into real end results. We always make sure that our designs and services gave a positive impacts for our clients, ourselves, and also for the society. In this particular project, we applied an eclectic theme where modern office and traditional Javanese culture merge. This way we can introduce our culture to more broad international audience. We listened to what our clients needs and we combined that with combined it with our best ideas to deliver maximum quality. We also always give touches of our traditional culture.

Pertamina International Shipping

Pertamina International Shipping office is Asia's leading shipping company that bridges marine logistics to encourage Indonesia's economic growth. PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS), as Sub-holding Integrated Marine Logistics which was inaugurated in 2021, was initially formed through a spin-off of the charter out business with the aim of obtaining real income, which later on a consolidated basis would provide professional benefits to PT Pertamina (Persero), in accordance with applicable shipping practices. As a national shipping company with an international level, PIS seizes opportunities by providing benefits in the form of professional shipping business management, according to Indonesian shipping practices and providing financial benefits with tax incentives, so that PIS will be able to provide more competitive prices, of course with a commitment to good service. With Indonesia's position as an archipelagic country, the existence of PIS is very important in supplying energy needs to various places in the country. Especially with the existence of the Sea Highway as a program of the Government of Indonesia. The smooth distribution of goods to remote areas of Indonesia is also a PIS contribution that can have a positive impact on the distribution of logistics prices for each item throughout Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2016, PIS's business expansion has continued, among others, by establishing a subsidiary of Pertamina International Shipping Pte Ltd in Singapore, as well as subsidiary companies, namely PIS Polaris Pte Ltd and PIS Paragon Pte Ltd, which are also domiciled in Singapore. In the future, with a more mature business strategy, PIS will continue to develop other business lines that support the core shipping business to become the leading Integrated Marine Logistics Company in Asia. As a Pertamina sub-holding company, PIS continues to be committed to being a competitive company to compete in the national and international arena.