Aye Nyein Pyu Midnight Garden Two Way Pendant and Brooch
Midnight Garden Two Way Pendant and Brooch is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Midnight Garden Two Way Pendant and Brooch

Midnight Garden is inspired by free-flowing uninhabited gardens deep in the forest where vibrant flowers, wildlife, and foliage thrive maximally. It celebrates freedom and vibrancy through the idea of a full-fledged garden at its peak. The viewer is enthralled with the enchanting atmosphere of blossoming flowers, luscious green foliage, and wildlife including a dragonfly, ladybug, and peacock. The piece consists of 18k white and yellow gold set in centre Spessartine garnet accented with rich compelling colours of precious sapphires, alexandrites, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

Midnight Garden Two Way Pendant and Brooch
Aye Nyein Pyu Midnight Garden
Aye Nyein Pyu Two Way Pendant and Brooch
Aye Nyein Pyu design
Aye Nyein Pyu design
Aye Nyein Pyu

Jewelry is more than just an accessory for a Toronto based Burmese designer Karen Pyu, who is the creative force behind the brand Mondselle. Karen has made a name for herself with creations that beautifully combine her Burmese heritage with the urban western perspectives. Her jewels have already won the attention of Myanmar and Hollywood celebrities, including MYA and Aung San Suu Kyi, a noble prize winning politician of Myanmar. Just a year after completing her design degree at OCAD University in Toronto Karen launched her brand in 2015, which quickly rose to popularity in both Myanmar and Canada because of her unique representation of Myanmar’s cultural elements in a modern design.


A fashion led brand, Mondselle jewellery was founded in Toronto by Aye Nyein Pyu in 2015. The name Mondselle is derived from the french word "mondaine" meaning a woman belonging to fashionable society. The brand offers a subtle yet sophisticated alchemy of style catered towards many sides of today's modern women. For Pyu jewellery is more than just a piece of accessory, “it is an everyday art form, one to be expressed in the most beautiful ways.” Most of the jewellery we own today comes with a great sentimental value, either passed down from our grandparents to our parents or were gifts from our loved ones. Every piece has its own special story behind it. Pyu founded Mondselle for this sole reason - she wants to help others tell their stories and express themselves through the jewellery pieces they wear. This Toronto-based Burmese jeweler draws inspiration from her heritage and combines it with western glamour to create unique wearable pieces. Her jewels have won the attention of Myanmar and Canadian celebrities, as well as Hollywood stars such as MYA.