Linlin Nie Ethereal Couture
Ethereal Couture is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Ethereal Couture

This collection is named Ethereal, interpreted as a Sprite living in an Ethereal world. This collection adds innovative details to the traditional bridal dress-making process, such as choosing silk, tulle, and lace fabrics, and adding creative embroidery patterns on the basis of the fabrics. The appearance of the dresses used are maintaining the formality of the traditional wedding, but it interacts with the designer's style in details, such as creative uses of fabrics to make the dresses reflect exaggerated silhouettes or the combination of silk and tulle increases the hazy look.

Ethereal Couture
Linlin Nie Ethereal
Linlin Nie Couture
Linlin Nie design
Linlin Nie design
Linlin Nie

As a fashion designer, I hope to design garments that encourage women to please themselves. These garments are made of delicate fabric in timeless design, comfort, tailoring, and elegant fascination. Moreover, sustainability is the key to fashion in the future. So my designs will be worth wearing for a long time.

Linlin Nie

Linlin Nie is a creative bridal dress studio where the client can find the collaborative design from the western and mandarin wedding dresses. Linlin Nie connects teams and people to customize unique and stylish bridal dresses for all kinds of needs. Linlin Nie drives amazing customer experiences.