Renos Constantinou Villa Troy Residential House
Villa Troy Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Villa Troy Residential House

The architect Renos Constantinou chooses to bestow the house with identity, alluding to the owners’ names: Paris and Helen. Mythology provides inspiration for designing a contemporary Trojan home, the Villa Troy. The choice of stone cladding on a loadbearing wall on the façade, as well as on the enclosure at the back of the property, hints at the walls of Troy. Metal, applied in many components, is another significant material from that time: the façade features five ornamental brackets whose angular form alludes to the trojan war spears. The building’s placement enhances natural ventilation.

Villa Troy Residential House
Renos Constantinou Villa Troy
Renos Constantinou Residential House
Renos Constantinou design
Renos Constantinou design
Renos Constantinou

I am an Architect. I have work experience from the best Architecture firms (ZAHA HADID , Scott brownrigg). I am currently working at ACA Architects in Cyprus

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