4Paradigm UED Centn Smart Irrigation Agriculture Platform
Centn Smart Irrigation Agriculture Platform is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award Category.
Centn Smart Irrigation Agriculture Platform

It helps achieve precise volume control for agricultural irrigation, enables the best growing environment for crops, and reduces irrigation costs. Further, it integrates field monitoring capabilities, allowing users to control equipment remotely to improve field management and services, a true example of how AI can help improve agricultural productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. A simplified and accessible solution with minimal required operations. The solution involves three stages: sense, decide, collaborate.

Centn Smart Irrigation Agriculture Platform
4Paradigm UED Centn
4Paradigm UED Smart Irrigation Agriculture Platform
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4Paradigm UED design
Xi'an Centn Technology Co.

Centn Technology was founded in 2004, headquartered in Xi'an High-tech Zone, with branches or offices in Beijing, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, East China and South China. The company focuses on the innovation and practice of intelligent water conservancy platform, using advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, etc. to build a "cloud + network + end" intelligent water conservancy system, forming a set of planning and design, project management, core software and hardware products, investment and financing services, big data applications The five-in-one business model.