Celil Kilinc Marble Hexagon Tile Covering Material
Marble Hexagon Tile Covering Material is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Marble Hexagon Tile Covering Material

Marble hexagon tiles are traditionally cut with waterjets; however, it is an extremely slow and expensive process. After a long research period, R&D department of Ionic Stone has been able to develop a new technique that now enables them to cut rectangle tiles into hexagon and chevron formats with utmost precision in dimensions with a much lower cost. Currently, the company is producing marble hexagon tiles at affordable prices. Thanks to this new technique they have become the world's first mass-producer of innovative formats, such as hexagons, trapezoids and chevrons.

Marble Hexagon Tile Covering Material
Celil Kilinc Marble Hexagon Tile
Celil Kilinc Covering Material
Celil Kilinc design
Celil Kilinc design
Celil Kilinc

Established in 2001, Ionic Stone owns warehouses in the UK for distribution, a state of art processing facility and several marble quarries in Turkey. The company exports to national chains, wholesalers, stockists, project management firms and retailers all over the world. The compnay is not only the world's first mass marble tile mass-producer of hexagon tiles, it is also the only marble tile makers of certain stones that were previously considered impossible to process. The company is working very hard to develop innovative products via most advanced processing methods in order to increase the level of quality required and reduce the associating cost.

Ionic Stone

Ionic Stone was founded in 2001 in the UK and is now one of the country’s largest stone distribution and project management businesses. In 2010, the company invested in the upstream market and founded a processing plant in Turkey. Based in Denizli, the factory specialises in the processing of premium natural stone selections originating in Turkey with superior and precise fabrication made possible by the most modern machinery. Moreover, the processing plant is able to mass-produce innovative cuttings of marble tiles, such as different types of hexagons, trapezoids and chevrons. Ionic Stone has the ability to cut any exclusive shapes in a cost-effective way, should the volume be sufficient. To this end, Ionic Stone is the first mass marble tile producer of innovative formats in the world. In 2021, Ionic Stone received two “2020’s best supplier” awards, one from an international business magazine based in the UK and one from the world’s largest specialist chain based in the US. In addition to working with chains and wholesalers, the factory provides materials to prestigious projects around the globe. Some of the projects are: - Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar - Marina One, Singapore - Hilton Baku, Azerbaijan - Louis Vitton Tel Aviv, Israel - Financial District Riyadh, Saudi Arabia In 2014, the R&D division of the factory, called ION, was established. Ionic Stone is the only Turkish stone processing company that has been certified by two ministries of Turkey (Science, Technology & Industry, and Economy) to bear the "R&D Company" status as it requires constant investment in Research & Development, and formally set procedures. ION works to improve the status of the current machinery, invent new ways of processing, and make special machines for the factory. In addition, ION supplies Turkish marble processing companies with specialist machinery.