Hanno Nevanlinna 365 Sun Lounger
365 Sun Lounger is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award Category.
365 Sun Lounger

The 365 Sun Lounger is the first piece of garden furniture with cushions that resists the forces of nature and is always ready for use. The curved form of the chair together with the foldable backrest serves three functions combined: aesthetics, comfort and unique protection for the cushions. There is no need for wiping dust, pollen or bird droppings, or snow. All you need to do is to flip the waterproof backrest open and enjoy the dry, clean and soft cushions. The chair makes your garden usable 365 days a year, 24hours a day.

365 Sun Lounger
Hanno Nevanlinna 365
Hanno Nevanlinna Sun Lounger
Hanno Nevanlinna design
Hanno Nevanlinna design
Hanno Nevanlinna

Hanno is one of the founders of Futurice. He has walked the path from a start up to an international company and is the mastermind of the Futurice culture as well as world wide used Lean Service Creation methodology. During years 2004-2009 he innovated, planned and built Finland’s largest photo sharing service Kuvaboxi, 2008-2010 he founded the Futurice UX consultant team and during 2010-2013 he led as head of HR Futurice to be the first company ever to be selected as Europe’s best workplace twice in a row. Currently, Hanno talks and teaches companies on how culture and organizations are in the key role in building successful digital services.

Hanno Nevanlinna

Hanno Nevanlinna has designed award winning company cultures, organizations, ways of working and service design methods. With his work his aim has been to show that you can rethink everything to create more value to the users, society and to the business.