Takako Masuki Dictionaly of Grasses Book
Dictionaly of Grasses Book is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Dictionaly of Grasses Book

This dictionary introduces grasses (weeds). The outside cover uses tracing paper with grass illustrations. The inside cover also has grass illustrations. So when one sees from the front, since the outside cover illustrations are translucent, one may feel the depth effect. The interest in flowers and grasses is quite popular in Japan. This dictionary introduces flowers and grasses that live in the neighborhood. This dictionary is one of the bestsellers in Raicho publishing.

Dictionaly of Grasses Book
Takako Masuki Dictionaly of Grasses
Takako Masuki Book
Takako Masuki design
Takako Masuki design
Takako Masuki

Masuki is a graphic designer and zine maker living in Tokyo. She has worked for several design firms including India and Shanghai. Since then, she has been actively working as a freelancer. On the other hand, she is also working on illustrating and publishing a book on Asian cuisine. In 2021, she won the best of the best in the design category of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, the Oscars of cookbooks.

Raicho publishing

Founded in 1966 by Shun Satoda, a leading educational book editor. Since March 2018, Misao Anzai has been the president of the company. Bestsellers include the Dictionary of the Sea, Dictionary of the Sky, Dictionary of Grass, Dictionary of Flowers, Dictionary of Colors, and other dictionary series, as well as Textbook of Crows, Textbook of the School of Photography, Blue Note, Basic Methods for Writing Novels, and First Voice Actor Training.