Ryuji Yamashita With Four Children House
With Four Children House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
With Four Children House

A house for a couple and their four children. There is a playroom in the center of the house, and four children's rooms are located facing each other. There are steps and windows between them. When the children open the window, the floor becomes a big desk where they study face to face. The four children's rooms become an integrated space and are connected to the first floor because the desks are made of glass. It is a space that connects the family at various distances.

With Four Children House
Ryuji Yamashita With Four Children
Ryuji Yamashita House
Ryuji Yamashita design
Ryuji Yamashita design
Ryuji Yamashita

Ryuji Yamashita is a young architect. He was born and raised in a snowy country town and now lives in the city of Sapporo, Japan. Having experienced both rural and urban sensations, he can design for any location. With his original ideas and sophisticated aesthetics, he designed unique buildings and has won various architectural awards in Japan. He has an influence on the cityscape, not only designing houses but also designing buildings in the center of the city.

Toshiharu Yamashita

Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1986. After graduating from a local high school, he travels from one region to another. He is now the successor to Yamashita Agricultural Co., Ltd., which is a family business, producing rice and vegetables. The client was the designer's brother and spent his childhood with him. He has a wife and four children.