Sunghoon Kim 87MM Brand Story Book Design
87MM Brand Story Book Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
87MM Brand Story Book Design

87MM is a representative fashion brand in Korea that creates everyday culture through sense and wit. Since its launch in 2011, it has been designed to tell the story of the past decade to the 87MM-loving public through Moment by Moment, We Say No Concept But Good Sense, a brand with 10 years of records. This will serve to communicate more closely with the young Korean public who like 87MM and are enthusiastic about it through the story of two founders as well as the 87MM brand story.

87MM Brand Story Book Design
Sunghoon Kim 87MM Brand Story
Sunghoon Kim Book Design
Sunghoon Kim design
Sunghoon Kim design
Sunghoon Kim

Kim sunghoon is a graphic designer based in seoul, south korea. Starting with graphic design based on typography, he is a graphic designer who is interested in using various visual languages such as image and digital as a means of communication and is working on a number of projects. He is working on a variety of projects with different personalities, creating each communication tool that fits the project as a result of the design. By doing so, the company is expanding its scope to graphic design, such as public design, space design, signage design, exhibition design, information design, brand design, digital design.


Just as everyday days are not all the same days, They want to discover new meanings and fun in everyday ordinary things and feel the speciality of something slightly different. 87MM is trying to express daily life through various art cultures such as movies and documentaries beyond fashion design. Through these daily lives, 87MM is Korea's leading fashion brand that creates daily culture with senses and wit.