Yuange Chen The Venation Jewelry Collection
The Venation Jewelry Collection is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
The Venation Jewelry Collection

Inspired by the growth patterns of plants, The Venation jewelry collection integrates the trend of spiraling growth of plants up and out over time into jewelry. The work uses the irregular outline and the density of the middle structure to show the dynamic and texture of life growth. The streamlined undulations reveal organic forms, and the overall work reflects a dynamic sense of extension. K gold and diamond combine to create a rich sense of space and a strong sense of three-dimensional, reflecting the modeling ability and a high level of technology.

The Venation Jewelry Collection
Yuange Chen The Venation
Yuange Chen Jewelry Collection
Yuange Chen design
Yuange Chen design
Yuange Chen

The beauty of diamond always fascinates Yuange Chen. The enthusiasm for jewelry then brought her into GIA, where she spending years to master everything about jewelry. Meanwhile, she witnessed the industrial disruption brought by lab-grown diamond in US, and made a bold decision to build a brand for jewelry lovers just like herself. With this innovative gemstone and karat gold, she wish to embrace artistic designing with daily wear jewelry. Growing up a huge Chinese culture lover, Yange named this brand as Zaiyou, the masterpiece written in 4th century BC by Zhuangzi, to flow with the tide and be known by all.

Zaiyou Jewelry

Zaiyou Jewelry is a designer brand lauched in Shanghai, 2019. We are a brand deeply influenced by contemperary art, technology and the spirit of sustainability. We use lab-grown diamond and karat gold as our main material to create jewelry. Each of our designer series is based on one main concept that might come from observing of nature, thoughts or human society, which determines our core expression as well. We rethink about the relationship between human body and jewelry itself, and reflects on our creation. Diamonds are appriciated for the luxurious sparkling appearence in jewelry pieces. With Zaiyou Jewelry, Lab-grown Diamond brings high technology and sustainable concepts into our brand, and help people pursue the beauty of high quality.