Zhonghao Tian Obode A8PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Obode A8PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Obode A8PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

obode-A8PRO robot vacuum cleaner is the almighty smart solution to household cleaning. Compared with traditional robot vacuum cleaner, A8PRO is more compressive in functions integrating deducting, mopping degerming and voice control, achieving thorough cleaning. The multi-functional humanistic interaction, smart voice control make it easy to use by even the old and children. The clean base automatic dirt disposal realizes thorough degerming through UV lamp and electrolysis of water 2.0, safeguarding the health and safety of families.

Obode A8PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Zhonghao Tian Obode A8PRO
Zhonghao Tian Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Zhonghao Tian design
Zhonghao Tian design

Obode is an AloT technology eco-company that is always workingto make smart home devices that have some meaning and purpose beyond just their common functions. Yes, we strive tomake products that are more efficient and faster, but even withthose great improvements is that really enough? Not for us. Weinstead set out to create smart products that offer you more important features, but also a boost to your overall lifestyle. Obode's smart products are open and connect with all majorsmart home networks, for people who are open to reconnectingwith the more important parts of life. We want to give consumers .freedom from the time-consuming stress of getting devices to work, as well as freeing them from the daily chores and the mentalstress of an unkempt home, with the purpose of giving them thetime to live their best lives. On top of that, obode is dedicated to creating appliances that enhance a home's overall feeling and style, not only when they aredoing their jobs but also just by being there and looking great.