Hernani Ruhland Tralli Holzwolf Watch
Holzwolf Watch is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Holzwolf Watch

Holzwolf is a men's wristwatch made with natural wood from sustainable forestry and recycled materials such as steel. Its differential is the visual based on the landscapes of Europe showing its essence, aggressiveness and elegance. The steel blue semicircle of the face reflects the beautiful and deep European lakes surrounded by stylish pines. Project developed exclusively for people who like to be in constant contact with nature. This concept aims to inspire a new generation of traditional handcrafted products and ecologically sustainable design.

Holzwolf Watch
Hernani Ruhland Tralli Holzwolf
Hernani Ruhland Tralli Watch
Hernani Ruhland Tralli design
Hernani Ruhland Tralli design
Hernani Ruhland Tralli

He started with art and illustrations as a child, drawing, painting and making paper toys. Studied advertising and advertising, Graphic Design, took a course in art and illustration and graduated in Industrial Design in Brazil. Currently he works in Germany with painting and wood doing Art & Design. He likes to use Art and Design as a Hobby and for the benefit of the collective and the Planet. Loves animals and cares about the environment and the collective evolution of society without any discrimination.


Holzwolf is currently a non-profit private design conceptual project, no further companies are involved in the development of this product yet. The Holzwolf brand contributes to the conservation of nature and the sustainability of craftsmanship using recyclable materials and mainly wood from sustainable cultivation. Every day we look for more ways to make a positive impact on our planet by creating alternatives to make products as eco-friendly as possible. Holzwolf's mission is to inspire a new generation of elegant traditional handcrafted products for a more sustainable design.