Ariel Palanzone Serie Dreams Art
Serie Dreams Art is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award Category.
Serie Dreams Art

The series arises from making a selection of some poetic and dreamlike images that the artist has created throughout their artistic career. These artworks invite to be observed and thought and make people reflect on the visual metaphors proposed by the work. Some of these themes are the passage of time, solitude and human fragility. Inspiration arises from the surrealist movement and its connection with the unconscious and the dream. One of the inspirations for the artist was Rene Magritte.

Serie Dreams Art
Ariel Palanzone Serie Dreams
Ariel Palanzone Art
Ariel Palanzone design
Ariel Palanzone design
Ariel Palanzone

I am a person who tries to contribute to society within the field of design by providing an artistic and personal look. My interests are many and varied, ranging from modern architecture, contemporary art, graphic design and objects/furniture. I have a predilection for minimalist art and design, geometric and surreal art. My style is experimental and I always like to try to do new things and take on new challenges.

Palanzone Studio

I was born in Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires and received as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires. I have worked as a designer, animator and art director for many design and animation studios locally and internationally. Currently work independently as an art director and multidisciplinary designer