Kenzo Singer EyeWris Reading Glasses
EyeWris Reading Glasses is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
EyeWris Reading Glasses

With one hand, one motion, and one second, EyeWris reading glasses transform into an eye-catching bracelet for unparalleled convenience. Always within reach, these stylish glasses eliminate the daily frustration of not having reading glasses when needed. EyeWris reading glasses are built to last, utilizing memory metal and proprietary lenses with anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and blue light blocking technology. EyeWris represents a meeting of timeless style and innovation, bringing brand new functionality to a familiar product.

EyeWris Reading Glasses
Kenzo Singer EyeWris
Kenzo Singer Reading Glasses
Kenzo Singer design
Kenzo Singer design
Kenzo Singer

I am a structural engineer turned eyewear designer. Having spent my college and early professional years working as an engineer, I never would have guessed where my life would lead. Having an entrepreneur father was more than an inspiration, he also came up with the idea for EyeWris. As I watched him work, I went from passively interested, to obsessed. As it turns out, physics at the scale of a skyscraper also applies to something as small as a pair of glasses. This unusual meeting of structure and eyewear resulted in the invention of the bi-stable bridge, which made EyeWris possible.


EyeWris represents a meeting of timeless style and innovation, bringing brand new functionality and unparalleled convenience to a familiar product. Eliminating the daily frustration of misplaced reading glasses, EyeWris readers wrap securely around the wrist so that they are always within reach. EyeWris is co-owned by a father and son team consisting of Mark Singer and Kenzo Singer. Mark is an award-winning furniture designer and the founder of the company and product Gorilla Glue. Kenzo is a structural engineer, who utilized his knowledge of structural mechanics to invent the bi-stable bridge, thereby facilitating his father's vision for glasses that can be worn on the wrist. Along with the patented bridge design, EyeWris utilizes proprietary curved lenses and short, flexible temple-arms to form a cohesive, intuitive product that sits in it's own category of premium eyewear.