Jeongmin Ryu Deskable Desk
Deskable Desk is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Deskable Desk

A desk for a Single-Person Household. Most single-person households eat their meals at a floor table or at a desk due to the narrow residential space. When two kinds of furniture are combined, it will have more than two functional purposes in only one piece of furniture. Moreover, it can also save space. Deskable is a desk that combines the desk and the table. Users can eat their meals after extending the top plate by pulling the drawer in front of the desk and using it as a table.

Deskable Desk
Jeongmin Ryu Deskable
Jeongmin Ryu Desk
Jeongmin Ryu design
Jeongmin Ryu design
Jeongmin Ryu

I graduated from college in February 2022 and majored in industrial design. I mainly designed products and furniture, and I tried to solve the inconvenience in our daily lives by observing people and the surrounding environment.I think it is very valuable because solving daily discomfort can be sympathized with more people, and I also come out only when I sympathize with people around me. I'm sure our lives will be better because of these empathy and thoughts.

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