Cheng Ghih Hsiang Lightclassical Residential House
Lightclassical Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Lightclassical Residential House

The designer lets the space show proper grace, and the ingenuity is concentrated in the detail. Like the use of color, with white as the base, the saturated color is to brighten the atmosphere. For the moving line design, it keeps the contour of each area neat and square. In the daily vision design of the owner, the three generations can see each other when they open the bedroom door. On the ceiling design, the shadow in the corner with multi-level design could receive the lamp groove of indirect illumination elegantly.

Lightclassical Residential House
Cheng Ghih Hsiang Lightclassical
Cheng Ghih Hsiang Residential House
Cheng Ghih Hsiang design
Cheng Ghih Hsiang design
Cheng Ghih Hsiang

No matter how beautiful the space is, it will eventually return to the behavior of the user. Change Interior Design pays attention to communication in advance and respects the ideas and needs of every resident. How to integrate the combination of function and beauty and professional construction practice design is our idea and responsibility. Change every possibility of space and create our own magnificent room together.

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Chang Interior Design believes, the beautiful space must return to the user's behavior eventually. We focus on the communication with the owner, understand the needs of the owner, and try to integrate the function and beauty, to create a unique home for the owner, and multiple possibilities of space.