Sergey Izmestiev Cactus Ring
Cactus Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Cactus Ring

The Cactus Ring, from the Japanese Garden collection, is made of 18K gold with unique 12 ct. Cat's Eye effect Ural emerald, small emeralds and diamonds. The needles are located in the inner side of cactus petals and form a plane for the central emerald cast. The central emerald represents the cactus flower, and small emeralds are set up-culet.

Cactus Ring
Sergey Izmestiev Cactus
Sergey Izmestiev Ring
Sergey Izmestiev design
Sergey Izmestiev design
Sergey Izmestiev

Sergey Izmestiev is a russian jewelry designer. He was born in 1977 in Yakutsk, diamond province of Russia. He`s got an education in MSTU Bauman, and graduated as an engineer of metal cutting tools and machinary. Then he decided to start a diamond cutting buisness in Moscow. He was buying rough diamonds in Alrosa and Gokhran, cutting it, and selling them all around the world. In the year 2006 he registred his jewelry trademark "Izmestiev Diamonds", and started producing and selling jewelry of his own design. As he participated in jewelry shows and contests, his jewelry creations were becoming widely known and demanded. His flagman collection "Japanese garden" participated in contests and won top prizes. In 2022, his ring "Chamomile" took 1st place in the most prestigious Russian jewelry contest hosted by Gokhran. And now, his jewelry is demonstrated in the State Historical Museum in the Red Square of Moscow.

Izmestiev Diamonds

"Izmestiev Diamonds" is a brand owned by the jewelry designer Sergey Izmestiev. The word "Diamonds" in the brand name brings us back in the times when Sergey was cutting diamonds and selling them around the world. From its first days, "Izmestiev Diamonds" chose the way of creating jewelry of its own design with the maximum attention to details and highest quality finish, which is highly appreciated by the customers. "Izmestiev Diamonds"- is not only diamonds. Burmese rubies, Ceylon sapphires, Columbian emeralds, Brazilian alexandrites and Russian demantoids are used in its jewelry art, as well as many other top quality gems from entire world.