Cameron Smith Arms Outdoor Longue Chair
Arms Outdoor Longue Chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award Category.
Arms Outdoor Longue Chair

The Arms Lounger was inspired by watching people relaxing on the beach. The angled back legs relate to a human form reminiscent of a person sitting on the ground leaning back with their weight on their arms. The mood at the beach is energetic yet relaxed and social and the form of the Arms Lounger reflects those characteristics. The bent legs and upright back creates a chair that fits in smaller spaces while the upright position promotes interaction with others. The use of powder coated aluminum sheet metal and teak provide ample protection to the elements in an outdoor environment.

Arms Outdoor Longue Chair
Cameron Smith Arms
Cameron Smith Outdoor Longue Chair
Cameron Smith design
Cameron Smith design
Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith has a passion for design and approaches everything he does as a design challenge. With design training from Stanford University’s renowned design program, he’s built a successful design career founding and running a product development consulting firm. With 30 years of design experience, he has been honored with international awards for furniture, lighting and product designs. His background in mechanical engineering and industrial design helped shape his design philosophy which centers around exploring design and the interaction between people and the products they use in both technical and emotional ways. He approaches his business career in much the same way he does design and is always looking for new and innovative ways to challenge himself to build something new. As an entrepreneur he built and started a Polo club that produces a local, annual lifestyle magazine and hosts a summer polo party sponsored by Rolls-Roycethat has grown to over 1,000 guests. Cameron has also ventured into real estate with a desire to renovate historic buildings and bring them back to vibrant parts of the community. Although his business ventures are varied, Cameron maintains his core love of design through all his ventures.. Cameron has a long history and love for furniture design. Through design school he gravitated toward furniture and more environmental designs over electronics. His master’s thesis at Stanford University centered around cordless environments and manifested itself in a unique sculptural desk which he continues to use to this day. By starting Furniture Smith, Cameron created an avenue to re-engage in the design process and create truly novel designs that spawn from inspiration and raise the standards and consumer expectations for everyday products. His drive to explore form and function by merging art and engineering to create unique pieces is rare in a business environment measured by economic success. With his keen eye for detail, he emulates the human body as an innovative machine and as an art form. Each piece is beautifully crafted and thought out with parts that are as functional as they are elegant.

Furniture Smith

Born of the idea to bring innovative form and function to furniture design, FurnitureSmith explores design and engineering through the interaction between people and the products they use. The resulting pieces redefine typical interactions with the user in unique, novel and beautiful ways. Each piece is created through inspiration so it resonates with people through form and function and inspires others.