Kobi Kor Curesight Lazy Eye Treatment Device
Curesight Lazy Eye Treatment Device is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Curesight Lazy Eye Treatment Device

The design process of the Curesight focused on creating a product and a treatment solution that will make a positive social impact and help patients, most of whom are children, to avoid the discomfort and embarrassment involved in the traditional treatment by the eye patch. The design also emphasizes that the product look and feel plays an important aspect in motivating and empowering the kids. The inspiration for the styling design came from the tech gadgets that kids love to use and play with it. The shape design provides a slick and modern look for a medical device product.

Curesight Lazy Eye Treatment Device
Kobi Kor Curesight
Kobi Kor Lazy Eye Treatment Device
Kobi Kor design
Kobi Kor design
Kobi Kor

Kobi Kor is a people person, curious about what makes a person happy and positive, and with this mantra in mind he always looks to achieve great people to product interaction, and within the professional activity his major achievement is to be involved and influence in medical tech project, and to provide better healthcare treatments in various clinical fields. Kobi has the talent and experience to lead new product projects from vision to realty with great empathy and business understanding.


Novasight vision is to prevent pediatric vision loss by bringing together the power of eye-tracking and ai technologies. The disruptive solutions for screening and treating common childhood vision impairments were designed for children's unique needs and attention spans. Preventable vision loss: a global challenge lazy-eye impacts 3 percent of the population