Joseph Lee RP Luxury Watches Galleria Commercial Space
RP Luxury Watches Galleria Commercial Space is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
RP Luxury Watches Galleria Commercial Space

Its layout is inspired by the magnificent mountains and forests in Taiwan, hoping to integrate into the space the Eastern architectural concept of constructing a man-made, recreated nature rich in culture and philosophy, merging artistic play and nature. Through landscaping approaches of dividing the space and imitating nature, combined with contemporary processing of building materials and techniques, an unconventional commercial display space steeped in aesthetics as well as culture and highlighting a modern touch is created.

RP Luxury Watches Galleria Commercial Space
Joseph Lee RP Luxury Watches Galleria
Joseph Lee Commercial Space
Joseph Lee design
Joseph Lee design
LeeChen International Design Co.

Established on December 23rd, 2015, LeeChen International Design Co. is armed with an integrated team of design and case management mainly aimed at different forms of business and residential spaces, related cases of visual design and occasional interface designs of software and 3C products. Though a small team, we have accomplished no less than 300 cases and have had many aesthetic and practical experiences. Even without advertising in the past few years, we have a steady clientele, and have won a Quality Design Award from Happiness Space before. In 2016, Hong Kong media noticed our company, and Comfy Home devoted an entire segment of its program to introducing a design and makeover we completed in Tai Wei, Hong Kong and was highly acclaimed. Our company has also set up a related company, Xiangzao Space and Visual Design Co., Ltd., with a partner in Shanghai, which, recognized by Fosun Group and Harvestfestival Group Corporation in Shanghai as well as Wensli Group in Hangzhou, worked on designs of such historic sites and first-class commercial zones as Yu Yuan Garden and IFC and remodeled business spaces. In 2018, we accomplished the design and renovation of the entire lot of shops at the Dadaocheng Wharf Fair, which is now still thriving and teeming with customers. Recently we have completed the first fleet shop in Taiwan for Gracegift, an e-commerce bellwether of women’s shoes, and an upscale used-timepiece shop RP Luxury Watches Galleria, with the latter design receiving a Merit Award in 2022 Asian Design Awards.