JP SPACE Studio Chick Coin Motion Graphic Design
Chick Coin Motion Graphic Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Chick Coin Motion Graphic Design

Chick Coin is a humorous and amusing visual work. It starts with the metaphors of students’ financial problem shown on TV screen, and the magic coin slot twist makes everything change. That implies students could solve their problems through Chickpt platform and all the financial pressure students facing will be overcome. The real world will change into a wonderful utopia as well. While working on this project, they put a lot of effort and spent a lot of time on how to use the visual metaphor while making the film looks smoothly.

Chick Coin Motion Graphic Design
JP SPACE Studio Chick Coin
JP SPACE Studio Motion Graphic Design
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JP SPACE Studio design

He has been developing a lot of interests in animation and film shooting since he was a child. After graduating from university, he started being a freelancer, working on a piecework basis, and gradually picking up challenges. In 2017, JP SPACE Studio was established. It is dedicated to bringing experts from all fields into a team like a space fleet. Based on this, JP SPACE Studio is committed to vigorously developing Taiwan's image industry, continuing to teach in colleges and universities, cooperating, sharing, and supporting industry rookies, and jointly creating a better and more diverse environment.


Mix visual design and originality, create infinity with JP SPACE Studio. A group of people engaged in design and visual image met in 2017. Colliding their enthusiasm about visual, JP SPACE Studio was born. The team is eager to mix image with creativity and aim at the target audience. So be on board with us and locate the constellation through your brand and our originality.Whether it is as elegant as B612 planet from The Little Prince or as magical as Pandora Planet of Avatar, you could always find possibilities through JP SPACE Studio.