LDPi (China Branch) Xuelian Liangdian Office and Retail
Xuelian Liangdian Office and Retail is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Xuelian Liangdian Office and Retail

Beijing Xuelian Liangdian Dongsi Creative Park is located Southwest of the intersection between Chaoyangmen Inner Street and Dongsi South Street next to the Dongsi subway lines, only 3.5 km away from the Tiananmen Square. Like other buildings within the 2nd ring road, its height is below 45 meters. It was a textile shopping mall called Sanyou that opened in 1985 and in 1989, it was Beijing’s largest with 1500 m². In March 2020, started a makeover to transform it into an office, small retail and cultural space with a unique theater, roof gardens and exhibition areas.

Xuelian Liangdian Office and Retail
LDPi (China Branch) Xuelian Liangdian
LDPi (China Branch) Office and Retail
LDPi (China Branch) design
LDPi (China Branch) design
LDPi (China Branch)

Lighting Design Partnership International (LDPi) provides professional lighting design services at an international level. It provides a range of services working with architects, consultants, designers and clients, from advice on small scale projects to a full design and implementation service on large scale projects. LDPi's approach to lighting design is organic and recognizes that daylight is not static. Change in light quality is vital to people's well being and stimulates emotions. Most projects develop an integral change and control of lighting to compliment the way people perceive the changing patterns of light that surrounds people.

Beijing Xue Lian Liang Dian 1517 Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Xuelian Liangdian Creative Park was originally a Sanyou shopping mall located on Dongsi South Street under the Liang Dian Group. In 2020, based on the positioning of Beijing’s “four centers”, combined with Beijing’s overall industrial upgrading and transformation and the era background of vigorously promoting the cultural and creative industry, As well as the Xue Lian Group’s strategic transformation and upgrading goals, Beijing Xue Lian Liang Dian 1517 Cultural Development Co., Ltd. has carried out a comprehensive upgrade and renovation of the original Sanyou shopping mall under the Xue Lian Group, creating a cultural and artistic creation space in the city center garden, and establishing a creative industry park New benchmark.