Xiaojie Liang Littli L1 Electric Toothbrush
Littli L1 Electric Toothbrush is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Littli L1 Electric Toothbrush

L1 is close to the size, ease of use and reasonable price of traditional toothbrush, which brings the popularity of electric toothbrush. The excellent cleaning power of the electric toothbrush brings tooth protection. The integrated design with cover broadens the use scene of the electric toothbrush and reduces the use of disposable toothbrush during the journey.

Littli L1 Electric Toothbrush
Xiaojie Liang Littli L1
Xiaojie Liang Electric Toothbrush
Xiaojie Liang design
Xiaojie Liang design
Xiaojie Liang

littli support the cause of environmental protection, improve user experience, and simplify functions. Through relatively reasonable prices, more people can use affordable, high-quality and practical smart technology personal care products. The minimalist appearance design and exquisite and compact shape enable littli to cope with uncertain life situations such as travel and office, and it is suitable for various non-home use scenarios.

Shenzhen Dayi Technology Co., Ltd.

lttli is a company that develops personal electronic care products for the world. They pursue rational minimalism and Technology to benefit the public. In product creation, focus on the core needs of users, abandon the practice of attaching multiple functions to one product, and make technology products more affordable, allowing more users to own them easily. We hope to create easy-to-use and straightforward electronic Personal Care Appliances in the age of Technology. According to Mr. Zeng, the product director of littli, "Technology should make life simpler and better, and Technology should not make people trapped in the dilemma of complicated functions; nor should it shut out users because of excessive prices brought by Technology; In the design and production process of products, it is necessary to consider not to bring too much burden to the environment. The advantages of littli products are simple, easy to use, and affordable. At the same time, they are small in size, light and handy, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Their products reduce excess functions and discard useless decorations to reduce the volume, which is convenient for people to carry on business trips, which is in line with the usage habits of a more significant number of users; then, through the transparent and hazy design, the material quality is used in the processing, reducing the product processing process. The environmental impact caused by medium spraying; Lightweight Packaging is used in the packaging to reduce discards, and the combination of packaging jacket and instruction manual is adopted. Recycling is used as a storage box, conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment.