Andres Luer Solorza Orbita Lamp
Orbita Lamp is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Orbita Lamp

The user interaction with the lamp is at core of Orbita's concept. It's light setting and technology has been design to connect with the user. The gesture of splitting the sphere on top of the lamp determines the amount of light and switches it on/off. During the rotation the user can set the light on 4 different settings. The 2 half spheres can be in Copper, Brass, Aluminum or wicker, each one of them providing a distinct style and light shade experience. Orbita's structure is a solid wood tripod guaranteeing a firm standing and a solid pivoting core for the rotational system.

Orbita Lamp
Andres Luer Solorza Orbita
Andres Luer Solorza Lamp
Andres Luer Solorza design
Andres Luer Solorza design
Andres Luer Solorza

For me as for many creative minds, design is a way of thinking and making is our practice. The constant search for new forms and solutions contribute to the ever evolving society, tackling issues, solving problems and improving our condition as a whole.


As the world progresses, manufacturing and raw materials must be carefully chosen to limit their impact on the eco-system. Sustainable design and advances in technology are re-defining the way the creative industry approaches an ever-expanding market. Atelierluer main focus is to convert Patagonia's lost woods into interactive highly crafted objects appealing to today's customers. Orbita is the first of a series of products that follow this design philosophy.