Oguzhan Topcuoglu Arin-X6040d Dual View X-Ray Inspection System
Arin-X6040d Dual View X-Ray Inspection System is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Arin-X6040d Dual View X-Ray Inspection System

The advanced dual-view X-Ray inspection system is utilized for providing security at airports, ports and borders, government buildings, etc. Sharp yet neat lines make it compatible with the interior look of modern buildings in society. The external interface of the X-Ray device and the keyboard is simple and understandable for the operator. Thus, it is easy and safe to use for both the operator and the passengers without the risk of being exposed to any radiation.

Arin-X6040d Dual View X-Ray Inspection System
Oguzhan Topcuoglu Arin-X6040d
Oguzhan Topcuoglu Dual View X-Ray Inspection System
Oguzhan Topcuoglu design
Oguzhan Topcuoglu design
Oguzhan Topcuoglu

Oğuzhan Topcuoğlu was graduated from the department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2015 as the first ranked student. He also gained his Master's Degree in METU, in 2018, by studying on "Exploring the Potentials of Virtual Reality Technology for User Evaluation of a Shunter Locomotive Driver Cabin". During the education of Master's Degree, he has started to work at Aselsan UGES Vice Presidency in March, 2016 and worked on the topics of transportation, security, energy, medical and automation systems. This is why he works on a wide scope of different product designs.


ASELSAN is composed of 5 different vice presidencies which work on multiple business sectors. UGES Business Sector is the one that is related to the sectors of Transportation, Security, Energy, Smart Systems and Healthcare Systems. UGES Business Sector’s Vision: Being a high-tech company which designs the future with industrial products and globally keeps sustainable development. UGES Business Sector’s Mission: Taking advantage of the potentials and sources in a maximum level to transform technological achievements to economic values.