Olga Petrova-Podolskaya Jazz Mini Kitchen
Jazz Mini Kitchen is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Kitchen Furniture, Equipment and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Jazz Mini Kitchen

A combination of ceramics and the classic marquetry technique on the facades. ceramics on work surfaces and facades allow you to maintain hygiene. Vandal-proof coating can be treated with any antiseptics, it is not subject to scratches. Individual mini-kitchen solution for the interior due to the framing and classic layout on the facades. Technological production of parts with manual modification of aging elements and veneer. Separation of the cooking zone and the dishwashing zone. Large deep mezzanines fit into the overall design and do not visually overload a small kitchen.

Jazz Mini Kitchen
Olga Petrova-Podolskaya Jazz
Olga Petrova-Podolskaya Mini Kitchen
Olga Petrova-Podolskaya design
Olga Petrova-Podolskaya design
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