Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention
SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention

SeeTang, an algae biopolymer, raises awareness about plastic polluted design departments like food packaging and fashion. SeeTang instant dish packaging is cooked alongside food ingredients as the biomaterial is 100 percent dissolvable in water, vegan and edible. The outer packaging can either be recycled by the consumer or biodegraded. SeeTang Fashion solely uses extracted dye from food leftovers, spices and dried flowers. The bags and jewellery are made from the same biopolymer as the instant dish and are 100 percent compostable.

SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger SeeTang Collection
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger Biomaterial Invention
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger design
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger design
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger

Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger creates innovative and never-before-seen design solutions by utilising a passion for intensive research and a vivid imagination. With her master's project SeeTang Collection, Jana-Aimée tackled plastic pollution of our oceans and invented a unique biomaterial made from algae. The desire to reinventing how we, on planet Earth, see and treat nature, powers her motivation for change in Design, Science and Biophilia.

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