Li Zhongkai Yimeng Girl Art Center
Yimeng Girl Art Center is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yimeng Girl Art Center

In Yimeng Girl, Li Zhongkai wanted to create a colorful forest for children to dance like fairies and feel the joy of learning and growing. Rich spatial form, the new fairy tale world under the intersection and overlap of unreal and reality, take you to explore an unknown world. Some say it's a fairytale castle; Some say it's an amusement park; Others say it's a kaleidoscope in a maze. There are grasslands, mountains, caves, flowers and, most importantly, children will love it.

Yimeng Girl Art Center
Li Zhongkai Yimeng Girl
Li Zhongkai Art Center
Li Zhongkai design
Li Zhongkai design
Li Zhongkai

Li Zhongkai is Design director at Shandong Youl Design Co., Ltd.He usually observe the objective and context of wortk in details before start working, order to figure out the best way how we can createsuch good design. “Good Design” in he opinion is different in each project, or may emphasize them differently depends on various aspects.

Li Zhongkai

Yimeng Funi Art Center is a dance training institution for teenagers. YOUL.D is a design company with business strategy thinking and the pursuit of space temperament. It has a team of many excellent young designers. Always adhering to the spirit of innovation, in the interior design, exhibition design, architectural design, graphic design and other fields of exploration, and strive to put forward the best design and engineering solutions for the owners.