Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev Drunk Bartender Packaging Concept
Drunk Bartender Packaging Concept is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Drunk Bartender Packaging Concept

Boring and trivial designs for a classic series of alcoholic beverages that do not attract the consumers' attention was the inspiration to find new modern images for creating the design for classic and conservative alcoholic beverages. The creation of a series of designs for classic alcoholic cocktails in a modern style using graphic elements to make them stand out on the shelf and draw the attention and to show that the classics can also be modern by means of comical graphic illustrations. "Drunk bartender" is a brand for people who appreciate the classic in her modern way.

Drunk Bartender Packaging Concept
Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev Drunk Bartender
Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev Packaging Concept
Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev design
Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev design
Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev

Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev is an individual designer from Kazakhstan. He has been working as a graphic designer for more than 15 years and has created more than 100 packaging, label and product designs which are being produced in 14 countries. He is a creative professional with the passion for design and the skills to deliver a wide range of creative solutions for the people.

Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev

"Drunk Bartender" is the design made as a part of an inhouse design project by Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev. Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev is an individual designer from Kazakhstan with the 15 years experiece of creating the lable, packaging and logo designs, consumer and corpotaive branding.