Junichiro Kawazoe River Sea Villa
River Sea Villa is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
River Sea Villa

The site is located near the estuary. The plan divides the building into three main uses. The three buildings are kept apart by the courtyard. The path runs through the three buildings and the two courtyards, connecting the spaces. On the flow line of the path, the boundary between the inside and the outside becomes ambiguous. The wall is covered with border tiles made from local Awaji roof tiles. In each case, it is not the traditional way of using Japanese architecture, but the way of using it as a resort in this place in Awaji. That's a fusion of architectural vernacular and modern.

River Sea Villa
Junichiro Kawazoe River Sea
Junichiro Kawazoe Villa
Junichiro Kawazoe design
Junichiro Kawazoe design
Junichiro Kawazoe

We offer architecture design,excitement and deep emotion. *Timeless design:Its value does not deteriorate over time *Minimal design: Richer architectural expression with fewer elements *Relationship between inner and outer space:We are examining the architecture and exterior, indoor and garden styles according to the surrounding environment and the client's lifestyle We are a design office based in Japan, Kobe. We accept offer from overseas as well.

Kawazoe Junichiro

The client is the CEO of a well-known Japanese IT company. The design office mainly designs private homes, and we received inquiries from clients online. Free proposals were requested, including the budget. The client also wanted us to select everything, including architectural design, furniture, fixtures and consumables. In other words, it is a hotel setting, and everything on the premises is designed or selected. In addition, proposals were requested for subsequent maintenance. Currently, it is maintained by a management company that follows our program.