Daisuke Sugahara Poster Visual Poster
Poster Visual Poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Poster Visual Poster

Sound is there for humans, just like natural vegetation. As indispensable for human beings as well as nature The grass and seeds that are natural products and the precise mechanical parts that make up the music product are displayed side by side. In addition, This all works were composed using the photographs taken. Because it is important that this brand's products are analogue The texture of the picture was created with reference to an old handwritten vegetation picture book.

Poster Visual Poster
Daisuke Sugahara Poster Visual
Daisuke Sugahara Poster
Daisuke Sugahara design
Daisuke Sugahara design
Daisuke Sugahara

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As Japan’s leading audio technology producer, Audio-Technica has been long devoted to conveying authentic sound through their craft in analog technology. Over the 50-year journey, they have produced award-winning cartridges, microphones, and headphones; along with nationally and globally acclaimed transducer and cartridge technologies. Leveraging their profound history and engineering, they launched Audio-Technica Excellence, a product line pursuing the ideal analog experience. The cartridge is their first and still leading product since the company’s founding. Although mass production was considered an idealistic impossibility as each required highly meticulous production technology, they successfully made a breakthrough by using their expertise in analog technology. The usage of delicate coils is only possible with the precision of skilled craftsmen.