Updesign Shenzhen Jiangangshan Hill Park Wayfinding Signage System
Shenzhen Jiangangshan Hill Park Wayfinding Signage System is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Shenzhen Jiangangshan Hill Park Wayfinding Signage System

Henri Rousseau's impressionist style is ingeniously applied as the main visual elements into this project. Wayfinding signs are designed as interesting impressionist-illustration silhouettes here and there in the park, creating a tranquil eco-friendly hilly aura for visitors. The artist's thoughts and the project's purposes are brought into resonance by the concept of harmony between human and nature.

Shenzhen Jiangangshan Hill Park Wayfinding Signage System
Updesign Shenzhen Jiangangshan Hill Park
Updesign Wayfinding Signage System
Updesign design
Updesign design

As the founder and leader of Updesign, Zhang Yi has seen the rapid development of environmental vision and signage designthroughout China and the world. Mr. Zhang and his team at Updesign have achieved an aesthetic presentation of spatial experience from multiple perspectives, such as planar expression, brand dissemination, environmental experience and user demand, which takes Updesign quickly to the top in this field. Updesign has also attracted many outstanding Chinese clients with user-experience thinking and international vision, such as Vanke, OCT, China Merchants Property and Poly Group, with which Updesign has established sound partnership.

Xin’an Sub-district Office

Xin’an Sub-district is located in the center of Bao’an District, Shenzhen, where the district government resides. The sub-district achieves the first in regional gross product value in Bao’an. There are many reservoirs and mountains in Xin’an Sub-district, which is one of the few downtown areas with nature landscape in Shenzhen.