MinLiu Pu Shine Resort Hotel
Pu Shine Resort Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Category.
Pu Shine Resort Hotel

Create a natural hotel in the valley. Zen is the main idea. There is no limit to what you do. The hotel building is a long strip, based on the surrounding environment, built according to the mountains and streams, and in the architectural form of scattered fields, cottages, small bridges and flowing water, creating a pure, quiet and far-reaching feeling of space. Create a Japanese Zen and minimalist hotel between Chinese mountains and rivers.

Pu Shine Resort Hotel
MinLiu Pu Shine
MinLiu Resort Hotel
MinLiu design
MinLiu design

Liu Min has invested a lot of effort and time in interior design since he started his career. He loves design and is willing to learn and appreciate good works. In the past 20 years, with his love for design and strict requirements on himself, he has made many excellent cases and devoted all his energy and thoughts to each design. Adhere to their own design concept and improve themselves in practice. In life, he is a very competent husband and father to the family, never neglect. Love life, be kind and stay true to yourself

Chongqing Zhilan Hotel Management Co. LTD

The main operation items are: hotel management; Catering management; Property management and accommodation services; Parking lot management; Exhibition Service; Conference services; Cleaning service; Business information consultation; Planning of public relations activities; Wedding etiquette services; Sales: craft gifts, daily necessities.